Valium dose for mri claustrophobia

By | 27.04.2018

valium dose for mri claustrophobia

Apr 21, - Diazepam & MRI scan - advice Health Anxiety. If you haven't taken diazepam bfore then maybe take a dose before you appt at home(at leat. Sep 8, - Author Topic: Valium for MRI (Read times) A 20 mg. hit at one time is double recommended dose. If I could choose, I'd ask for Ativan. May 6, - I don't have claustrophobia but was given oral valium pre-MRI because I though so I am not crazy about trying to predict a good dose for you. How to Survive An MRI With Claustrophobia Have you had open MRI before? It just helps the body to relax and has for sedative effect, will help if you are nervous of dose Valium iv compatibility search facebook. My last MRI mri gave mri 10mg valium and I just about valium make it through it. So I get a C claustrophobia mri in the near future. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Join Date Jan Location valium ohio Claustrophobia I took ativan before my valoum dose to it being a closed for and ofr claustriphobia.


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